Kay Murdy Media Center Renovation Complete


Kay Murdy Media Center Renovation Complete
Kay Murdy Media Center Renovation Complete

As some of you may know, our Kay Murdy Library was recently transformed into a contemporary, collaborative learning space and renamed the Kay Murdy Media Center. The project was finished just in time for our Fall Open House! The center features three different spaces -- a classroom space with new desks and chairs, a lounge space where students can study and read, and a collaboration space where small groups can utilize our new Google JAMboard to do group projects easily and efficiently. And, not to worry, all of the books our library had before the renovation are still located in the Media Center!

Above photos: The classroom and collaborative areas of our new Kay Murdy Media Center, including some of our library books.

Above photos: Our students' lounge spaces, featuring contemporary black leather furniture and new work surfaces that are ideal for students working on their Chromebooks and studying.

Above photo: Small groups can easily collaborate on group work using our state-of-the-art Google JAMboard, a touch-screen, interactive board that gives students access to a multitude of Google features, making the JAMboard easily compatible with students' Chromebooks.

Above photo: All of the books we had in our library before are still located in our Kay Murdy Media Center, so students have access to the same resources they had before, in addition to new resources available through the Google JAMboard.

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