SLS sponsors Sr. Thea Bowman Academy


SLS sponsors Sr. Thea Bowman Academy
SLS sponsors Sr. Thea Bowman Academy

By Kristin Snapp

On October 23, members of Seton LaSalle's Campus Ministry visited Sr. Thea Bowman Catholic Academy in Wilkinsburg to kick off the official start of Seton LaSalle's sponsorship of Sr. Thea Bowman through The Education Partnership's Adopt-A-School program.

The Education Partnership is a non-profit organization which aims to "bridge the gap between what students have and what students need to have to succeed in classrooms throughout Southwestern PA," according to the organization's website.

The Education Partnership serves over 100 schools, but some schools will apply without receiving a sponsor, as appeared to be the case with Sr. Thea Bowman Academy. When Seton LaSalle first met with Education Partnership, there was only one Catholic school that had applied without receiving a sponsor – Sr. Thea Bowman. Wanting to stand by our school's Catholic mission, Principal Mrs. Martin and head of Campus Ministry Mrs. Sobol-Pastor knew Seton LaSalle's Campus Ministry would take on sponsorship of Sr. Thea Bowman.

Mrs. Lauren Martin and Mrs. Stefani Sobol-Pastor were accompanied by students Nyaira Arrington, '20, Taylor Czlapinski, '18, and Josh Graham, '18.

SLS Campus Ministry provided each Sr. Thea Bowman student with a Power Tools Homework Kit – a bag packed with school supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils and glue sticks, along with personal hygiene items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Seton LaSalle packed age-appropriate bags for Sr. Thea Bowman students ranging in grades pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. The visit was kicked off with an assembly for Sr. Thea Bowman students, who were all donning red in support of heart health.

Students heard from Education Partnership leaders, who offered sound advice to be kind to one another and to try new things without fear of failure.

"Success belongs to those who do simple things uncommonly well," Education Partnership Community Partnership Coordinator Laura Carlson said.

All Sr. Thea Bowman students were encouraged to pursue their dreams and think about their futures, as teachers were left with certificates for students to complete. Students are to fill out the certificates with their dream job, and one child from each grade will receive a LEGO set upon completion. This encourages students to not only be excited about school currently, but also about the future paths their education will lead them.

Sr. Thea Bowman's Student Council presented all SLS and Education Partnership representatives with water bottles filled with Sr. Thea Bowman stickers, pens and notepads, along with a personal thank you note. The Student Council gave SLS representatives a whole box of the thank you presents to distribute at SLS.

The entire 8th grade class at Sr. Thea Bowman Academy visited Seton LaSalle later in the week with over 250 other 8th graders for Rebel for a Day, Seton LaSalle's annual 8th grade visitation day.

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