Program of Studies


Seton LaSalle Catholic High School, as a Catholic institution, recognizes its dual mission to promote spiritual development and academic excellence. The academic program at Seton LaSalle is designed to help the students develop as Christian men and women intellectually and spiritually, and to provide motivation and preparation for a lifetime of study and work. As a school community, we accept the great diversity of intellectual ability within our student body. We encourage our students to strive to their highest level of achievement.

Learning is dynamic, reflecting an ever­-evolving knowledge base. The total development of the Seton LaSalle student includes logical interpretation of events based on the laws of science and nature, critical analysis of the written word, creativity, deductive and inductive reasoning, appreciation of the fine arts, manual dexterity, and understanding of foreign languages and other cultures.Other dimensions of our intellectual approach are recognition of the importance of the past and its implication for the present and future, and respect for the opinions of others.

All levels of our course offerings are college preparatory in nature, and the Program of Studies is designed for the majority of students to learn at the Academic (AC) level. In order to qualify for Honors (HN) and/or Advanced Placement (AP) level courses, students must demonstrate mastery of content and skills in their pre­requisite courses and, in most cases, receive a teacher recommendation to move into these intense, high­level learning courses. Teacher recommendations are based on students’ current level of commitment to diligent work in their current courses, as well as formative and summative course assessments, and standardized test scores. Our goal is to place students into the course levels in which they will experience success and demonstrate academic achievement.

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