Guidance & Counseling

Seton LaSalle is an excellent college preparatory school. The Guidance Staff is a key component in helping each student experience academic growth at Seton LaSalle to best prepare them for college. We send students off to many highly selective universities each year.

As history supports, Seton LaSalle students are offered generous scholarships - academic, athletic and special interest - typically averaging approximately $5 million each year.

With over 40 years combined experience, Mr. Timothy Zugates and Mrs. Judy Caves bring a level of expertise unsurpassed in most area high schools. Mr. Zugates works with the Freshmen and Sophomore students to help them adjust to high school by tailoring their schedules to the perfect fit.

Mrs. Caves specializes in counseling the Junior and Senior students by guiding them through the college entrance testing system, the application process, college financial aid and scholarships. We're proud to report that our students thrive at some of the nation's best colleges and universities. We believe that's because they receive a firm faith foundation at Seton LaSalle that guides them to habits that lead to success in academics and life.

In 2020, Mrs. Caves and Mr. Zugates were both recognized in the College Board Counselor Recognition Program for their exemplary work as professional school counselors. Every day, they help our students in their personal lives and in their academic careers as they prepare for life beyond Seton LaSalle.

Guidance Services