Learning Support Services


Students come to the Academic Success Center during a study period or for part of their lunch period. Tutors range from other students who excel in their studies and are eager to extend a helping hand to others, college students familiar with our curriculum, and experienced adult tutors who can assist our students with their course material and study skills.

Seton LaSalle's Academic Success Center is designed to help students who are looking for tutors, study skills, or a quiet, distraction-free study space. It is an accommodating learning space for students who need special accommodations when it comes time to taking tests to ensure the best results. Coordinated by Sr. Brigid Marie Grandey, S.C., an experienced educator, tutoring is available for students of all grades in all class levels. 

For more information about the services offered through our Academic Success Center, please contact Sr. Brigid Marie Gradney at (412) 561-3583 ext. 1128 or email sisterbrigid@slshs.org.