We understand that comfort with using and exploring technology will be critical in the emerging careers in the 21st Century. That's why we own and use two 3D printers, a GPS telescope and robotics kits within the Computer Technology Club. We employ the use of these 3D printers by allowing our Drone Club to design and print their own drones, using virtual reality equipment to simulate drone flying before their own drones take flight. Our students have access to the latest coding technology through the Girls (and Guys) Who Code club.

As a school, we place an emphasis on our STREAM Initiative, which emphasizes Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. In 2016, we opened our Innovation Lab, which is home to a full computer lab, designed to accommodate full classes, a production studio with new, professional equipment updated in 2018, a soldering table, 3D printers and an AxiDraw printer.

Upon entering Seton LaSalle, all of our students are provided with a Google Chromebook, which is theirs to use for all schoolwork. Students' Chromebooks are property of Seton LaSalle until the day students graduate, when it becomes theirs to keep. Our school operates on the G-Suite, giving them full access to Google Drive storage, along with collaborative learning via Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets and more. Our students are provided with an email address, which is secured so that they may only receive emails from fellow students or school employees. This allows for seamless communication between students, teachers and staff.