Graduates from South Hills Catholic High School, Elizabeth Seton Catholic High School and Seton LaSalle Catholic High school share a unique legacy stemming from a Catholic High School experience. Each student has been led by dedicated faculty and staff members who are committed to following the traditions of our patron saints, Elizabeth Seton and John Baptiste de La Salle. Seton LaSalle Catholic High School continues the tradition by fostering spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth in a Christ-centered community.

Today, over 400 students walk the hallways of Seton LaSalle as the next generation of graduates, experiencing the same foundation of excellence that all our diocesan high school alumni share. It is the mission and vision of SLS to prepare the next generation of leaders to be faith-filled, responsible citizens as well as productive contributors to the global community.

If you attended South Hills Catholic High School, Elizabeth Seton Catholic High School or Seton LaSalle Catholic High School there are plenty of opportunities for you to stay connected to your school, be in touch with other alumni, and give back to the current students.

Our Advancement Department aims to facilitate and grow a life long relationship with our alumni by providing an open line of communication and sharing SLS’ upcoming events. We are currently undertaking the large-scale project of updating our entire database from all three schools. We are looking for “class captains” from various graduating classes to help us with this monumental project. If you are interested in becoming a class captain, please send an email to . We will send you your entire class list as we have it now and ask you work through emails and various social media networks to reach out to your classmates in an effort to gather current information sending it along to SLS so we can update our database.

One popular way to communicate with SLS alumni is through the Seton LaSalle Catholic High School Facebook Alumni page. This page is a great way to share class reunion information, catch up with classmates and relive your high school days through picture posts of SLS. This Facebook page is very active and available to all SLS alumni!

Please know our doors are always open for a visit - take some time out of your busy lives to go back in time and walk the halls of SLS. Our faculty and staff enjoy each and every alumni visit.