Hall of Fame


The Seton LaSalle Catholic High School Hall of Fame honors alumni and faculty of Elizabeth Seton, South Hills Catholic and Seton LaSalle High School who have demonstrated excellence in their academic pursuits or career achievements, along with their service to church and community.

Service to Seton LaSalle Catholic High School is also considered. The winners are selected by a committee composed of alumni from the three schools from nominations received throughout a two-year period.

The first awards were presented in 1991. At that time, John T. Cicco was also honored with a special award. Though he was not an alum, he had been so devoted to the school and was a lifetime advocate of Catholic Education. At that time, the John T. Cicco Lifetime Achievement Award was created in his name and is now given biannually during the Hall of Fame event.

Linda Boss, '66
Carol Ging Erzen, '76
Greg Gattuso, '80
Sister Louise Grundish, '51
Lt. Leo John (Jack) Kelly, '62
Brother Patrick Power** (1962-75)
The Most Reverand Bernard Hebda, ‘77
John Manear**
Mary K. McDonald, ‘66
David Morehouse, ‘78
Mark J. Schulte, ‘69
Paul A. Schulte, ‘64
Joseph L. Luvara, ‘66**
Brother Joseph Mahon, FSC**
Virginia Spadafore Sanders, ‘66
Patricia Strazza**

Anthony O'Toole**
Kathy McConnell-Miller, ‘85
William McGregor, ‘67
Sister Kay Palas, SC**
Margaret (Peg) Bennett, ‘45
Alan (Gus) Gillespie, ‘64
Edwin P. Shiner**
John (Jack) Mascaro, ‘62
Frank W. Zych**
Thomas A. Dattilo, ‘66
Richard J. Lacey, ‘64
Sr. M. Ellenita O’Connor, SC, ‘45**
Harry Pitchok, ‘62**

Lucy Bruce**
Kenneth Buka**
Robert G. DelGreco, Jr, ‘72
Sr. Marlene Mondalek, SC, ‘59
Gerard (Jerry) Conboy**
Stephen F. Litz, ‘67
Dianne Page McKenna, ‘61
Nicholas A. Merrick, ‘81
Ted A. White**
Brother David S. Baginski, FSC, ‘64
Jane E. Jehovics Klose-Tucker, ‘62
Suzanne T. McConnell-Serio, ‘84
James L. Palmer**

Colonel Carol Ganser, USAFNC, ‘55
Sister Mary Agnes Schildkamp, SC**
Frederick W. Thieman, ‘69
Ensign James C. Wonn, ‘62
David J. Dattilo, DDS., ‘69
Thomas K. Donahoe, ‘65
Cheryl M. Kanfoush, ‘65 (aka Maria Alsatti)
Brother Alexis Kirk, FSC**
Sister Marion Puerzer, SC, MD, ‘59
Thomas A. Bird, ‘60
Anna Marie Catanzaro, ‘53
D. Michael Fisher, ‘62
Stephen C. Flaherty, ‘78
Donald A. Gmitter, ‘63
Edward M. Ryan, ‘64
Herbert H. South, ‘65
William Strazza**
James J. Sweeney, ‘80

John T. Cicco Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

1991 - John T. Cicco
1992 - James L. Murdy
1994 - Bernard J. Powers**
2000 - James L. Palmer**
2002 - Dr. Alan & JoEllen Yeasted
2004 - Father Joseph Lonergan
2006 - Kay Dieckmann
2011 - Linda Boss, ‘66 & Toni Luvara

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