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The pandemic has been tough on everyone, and research shows it’s hitting our teens in more ways than one. From feelings of isolation to increased anxiety and depression to social media pressure and our current culture, we want to help all students get back on track both academically and socially.

April 12th, 7-8 PM

Be Ready for High School:

Navigating your freshman year

New beginnings. A fresh start. And the support from teachers, and peers, that students need to be successful. That is what we hear many of our students say when they talk about high school. High school is definitely exciting, but we know that most 9th grade students experience some nervousness in the beginning, and many would say that they even experience slight anxiety. From selecting the right course load, to maneuvering new relationships to time-management and workload, helping your teen navigate freshman year is more important than ever. This session will highlight the traits of a successful high school student including:

  • Self-advocacy
  • Creating strong study habits
  • Establishing new relationships and routines
  • From setting goals to problem-solving
  • This session will also touch on Mental Health and the impacts of Social Media
  • This session is designed for current 8th graders and freshman


April 26, 7-8 PM

College Prep:

Creating the right College roadmap

Inconsistent schedules.  Flip-flopping learning environments and technology challenges.   What impact will all of this inconsistency have on your student’s academic growth and preparation for college?  While Seton LaSalle has safely maintained in-person learning 5-days a week, we have heard from many public school families who are concerned about the inconsistent school schedules, “no-fail” grading policies, and the “lost year,” listed as critical concerns. We’ve even heard students say they are worried they are leaving their future to chance in this current environment.  

Join this lively discussion with Mrs. Judy Caves, Seton LaSalles Junior-Senior Counselor, who will discuss the nuances of the college admissions process.  Mrs. Caves will discuss topics such as:

  • How to stay focused and on track academically
  • How to present the strongest applications in these unprecedented times
  • Plus she will share updates on the ever-changing application process and requirements

From goal setting to staying on track to managing the overwhelming college selection and admissions process, this session will help you and your student feel confident that they won’t skip a beat in planning for their future.