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Performing Arts

Apprentice Marching Band Program for Eighth Grade Students

The Seton LaSalle 'Rebel' Marching Band has a program to include 8th grade students from its partner schools. The program welcomes students to participate in the high school band camp, after school band rehearsals, varsity football game performances, and the Kennywood Park “Fall Fantasy” parade. It's a great opportunity to experience marching band. Don't worry if you haven't ever marched before, we show you how. It's easy and fun! This opportunity also gives students a chance to experience a bit of high school life.


The Chorus class meets during the regular school day for which participants earn class credit and a grade. The mixed chorus (men and women) studies and performs all types of choral music, old and new. The chorus performs regularly throughout the school year including at the Christmas and Spring Concerts. Mention your interest in the chorus at time of registration.

Concert Band

The course gives the instrumentalist an organized environment in which to use and develop his/her musical skills. Students will learn proper ensemble techniques while being exposed to a cross section of musical works and styles. Performances outside of school time are required. The approval of the instructor is required.

Music Appreciation

This class looks at the enjoyment of music through the discovery of its elements, rhythm, melody harmony, and color. The course includes a discussion of the history of music and the music makers. Students will learn about the way music has been created from ancient times to today’s use of electronics and computers in its creation. Students will appreciate the important role music has in our lives.

The Jazz Band

The Jazz Band is a co-curricular activity in which musicians experiment with the jazz and pop rock styles. The band includes the electronic keyboard, electric guitar and bass, and drum set. The band is a great organization and new members are always welcome.