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Rebels For Life

Rebels For Life is the pro­life organization at Seton­ LaSalle and is known as one of the largest and most active pro­life clubs in the United States. The mission of Rebels For Life is to see a world in which human life is respected and protected from conception until natural death. The club holds monthly after-school meetings and is involved in a number of annual events.

Rebels for Life seeks to educate people about, and advocate for the following:

  • Life for the all the unborn
  • Help for those in crisis pregnancies.
  • Care and God’s forgiveness for those that have had abortions.
  • An end to human trafficking and care for the victims.
  • Respect for those with intellectual disabilities and an end to the use of the “R word”

For information on Rebels For Life or to make a donation, please contact moderator Mr. Kenny Griswold at