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Moderators: Mrs. Denise Davis and Mrs. Karen Decker

Seton LaSalle's AV/TV team helps the entire school with its various technological needs. Over the course of the year, this group performs numerous tasks to help classes and other school functions run smoothly. These can be a wide range of services, from setting up classroom equipment, to assembling new devices, to something as small as offering simple help during classes.

In addition, the AV/TV team runs the technological side of Mass and other school events. Before each activity, the assigned members ensure that all required equipment is set up by doing tasks such as connecting laptops to projectors and activating microphones. They make sure that the sound and lighting systems are turned to the required settings. Afterward, they deactivate these systems and tear down the equipment, returning each piece to its proper place.

The AV/TV team is also in charge of running Seton LaSalle's daily morning announcements. Technicians activate the live stream, calibrate the backgrounds, ensure that lighting and sound is both adequate and functional, and select the music. Other members serve as anchors, leading their fellow students in a morning prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, along with informing them of the day's news, including school events and weather. 

Applications to join the AV/TV team are sent out in the spring. Membership is open to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors. However, positions on the team are limited. You may sign up to be a technician, an anchor on the announcements, or both.