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International Club

Moderator: Mrs. Katie Sosnak

The International Club is an activity started by a former SLS student, Prahpreet Mann, who wanted to begin an activity where international students could come together for social activities, provide an opportunity for them to meet American students, and provide the opportunities for the international students to share their unique cultures. The International Club seeks to honor and celebrate the peoples and cultures of all nations.

Some past experiences are:
- Folk Festival at Upper St. Clair High School by South Hills Interfaith Ministries
- Trips to the Sihk and Hindu Temples in Monroeville
- A visit/lecture at the Muslim Center in Oakland
- Christmas at the Nationality Rooms at University of Pittsburgh in Oakland
- Trips to various restaurants to enjoy different foods paid for by proceeds from school bake sales.

We have had the unique opportunity to provide service for three years to the ESL students of Paynter Elementary School in Baldwin. We visit there twice a year to spend time with the ESL students. In the past we have had book drives for the little students, and this year we raised enough money through bake sales to buy hats and gloves for their 66 ESL students. And, we still have money with which to go out to dinner!!!

All Students Are Welcome!