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Moderators: Mrs. Meloni DiPietro-Guthoerl, Mrs. Julie Page

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) is an organization that is dedicated toward promoting healthy, safe, and smart decisions by teenagers. The club speaks out against alcohol, drugs, abusive relationships, texting while driving, and other harmful acts done by teenagers. The club has done many fundraisers including selling hearts for teachers, speakers for the student body, and Grim Reaper Day. This club has a positive influence on students and helps them realize that all the peer pressure put upon them on a daily basis could be very harmful. The club also helps students make the right decisions on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

In the springs of 2015 and 2013, Seton-La Salle students worked together with students from Keystone Oaks to stage a mock car crash before their proms. To read an article about the "Prom Promise," click HERE.