STREAM Initiative

Seton LaSalle Catholic High School is moving forward with a vision for the future of the school's emerging STREAM program that will propel Seton LaSalle into the forefront of educational innovation and give our students the opportunities to develop their individual and diverse God-given talents. Seton LaSalle is at the vanguard in incorporating the arts and religion into the standard STEM program, thus allowing it to integrate interdisciplinary inspiration through the arts and religion.

Phase One of the STREAM Initiative has already resulted in the school acquiring two Polar 3D printers, a GPS-based telescope, multiple drones, robotic kits for the students to experiment with, new Dell PCs throughout the school, and a new phone system. It also included upgrades to the current Chemistry Lab and reclaimed underused space in the school to create an Innovation Lab which was completed this past summer/fall.

These enhancements to our current facility will serve as a bridge and test the curriculum for the planned STREAM Center.

The current vision for the STREAM Center which will be located in the former Brother's House on campus, includes a Digital Fabrication Lab, Robotics Lab, Astronomy Lab, Computer Coding Lab, Photography Lab, Art Studio, Gallery, Commercial Grade Kitchen for the Culinary Arts, Outdoor Prayer Garden, Practice Rooms for Vocal and Instrumental Lessons, a Student Center, and use of the present Chapel for faith-based contemplation and retreats.