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Placement Test Registration 23-24

Prospective students and applicants are strongly encouraged to take the High School Placement Test at Seton LaSalle. The test date has been scheduled for Saturday, December 2 from 9am-12pm.

There are key benefits to taking the placement test:

  • It helps Seton LaSalle and your family select the appropriate 9th grade courses for your child, so he/she can be appropriately challenged. 
  • Several students who take the test at Seton LaSalle and receive top scores will be considered for academic scholarships.
  • Students who take the test at Seton LaSalle can apply early to scholarships.
  • Students who receive the Top 5 scores on the placement test will be considered for the J.L. Merrick Scholarship.

Questions? Please contact Bridgette Kennedy-Riske, Director of Admissions, at [email protected] or 412-561-3583 Ext. 514.

Does your child have any testing accommodations that we should be aware of?
We will follow-up with you. If you have registered for the test less than three days before the test date, please contact us at 412-561-3583 Ext. 514.
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