Emily Columbus, '13, creates Morgantown Stars

Currently a student at West Virginia University, Emily Columbus, '13, is taking classes in Special Education/Early Childhood Development in addition to being an Assistant Section Leader of the color guard in the Pride band. Emily has dreamed of teaching flag twirling to disabled children, so she decided to start up Morgantown Stars, her own group since none existed in Morgantown. 

Emily has successfully solicited donations, scouted out a place to hold classes and enlisted a group of friends to become volunteers. She recorded a welcome video and started a Facebook page to promote her new color guard group. This is a recreational program, specializing in color guard training for children and adults with disabilities. Emily managed to create this new group while also making the President's List last term, being an officer in two honor societies, and a member of the Neuman Center at St. John's! 

Emily recently spent time at Nazareth Farms as a mission volunteer and works at a church on Sundays watching kids, all while taking 19-21 credits each term! To learn more about Emily's Morgantown stars, click HERE