Jeannine Hartman, '83, leads Delay the Disease

Photo courtesy of Trista Thurston / The Almanac

Jeannine Hartman, '83, was recently featured in the September 5, 2018 edition of the South Hills Almanac for her role as instructor of Delay the Disease, an exercise program created for those with Parkinson's disease. The eight-week program is held several times a year at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

"Instructor Jeannine Hartman leads participants through moves that mimic daily actions: getting in and out of a car, standing up and sitting down in a chair and walking. it focuses on the core, brain and cardiovascular system.

Hartman is encouraging and bubbly, a cheerleader for each participant. Over the eight weeks, she has learned each person's strengths and weaknesses. She knows how and when to push them. She can anticipate how they'll stumble, what may trip each person up. Some she gives other drills based on their needs. Hartman also gives them things to practice at home..."

To read the full story in the Almanac, click HERE.