Students of the Month

Every month from September through April, the National Honor Society sponsors the Students of the Month Award. This is given to one student from each grade level who has demonstrated outstanding character, respect for others, Christian attitude, and active involvement in the Seton LaSalle community during that particular month. Students are nominated and voted on by faculty at the beginning of the following month. This post will be updated with all Students of the Month for the 2020-21 academic year. 


September 2021

september '21 students of the month
Derian Epps '22, Monifeoluwa Obiri '23, John Wilkins '24, Emily Obara '25


April 2021

April 21 students of the month
Molly Brady-Bishop ‘24, Margaret Brown ‘23, Adeline Meinert ‘22, Isabella Martino ‘21


March 2021


Mila O'Brion ‘24, Monife Obiri ‘23, Kieran Gorman ‘22, and Margaret Wilson ‘21

February 2021


Mary Maleski, '24, Matthew McCarthy, '23, Keira Sipe, '22, and Malia Sigg, '21

January 2021

Alexander Liebmann '24, Kasen Killen '23, Marie Fitzgibbon '22, Melvin Daniels '21

December 2020


Murphy Sofranko, '24; Robert Solava, '23; Sara Osterhaus, '22; Ireland Killen, '21

November 2020
October Students of the Month

Nataleigh Carter, '24; Jamie Durstein, '23; Faith Whitley, '22, and Italia Bernardi, '21

October 2020
October Students of the Month

Elizabeth Barone, '24; Brendan Guinee, '23; Kathleen Farnan, 22, and Theresa Lyle, '21.

September 2020
September Students of the Month

Sydney Gisoni, '24; Justice Drewery, 23; Angelina Battistone, '22, and Skyler Wrubleski, '21

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