J.L. Merrick Scholarship

In February of 2023, we lost a very special member of our South Hills Catholic and Seton LaSalle family.  Dr. Judy Merrick was the beloved mother of Thomas SHC ‘79, Nicholas SLS ‘81 and Hall of Fame inductees ‘98, and Matthew SLS ‘85.  Her incredible passion for education touched the lives of so many, including the students of Seton LaSalle.  The 2023-24 school year marks the 29th of which 2 students have been awarded the J.L. Merrick Scholarship, a renewable scholarship that accounts for 50% of the annual tuition.  In total, 52 students have been awarded this prestigious scholarship with 8 of them still in the halls of Seton LaSalle.  Finalists of the scholarship also receive an award during their freshman year.

Our Class of 2023 Merrick Scholars, Monifeoluwa Obiri and Richard Schilinski,  received scholarships to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach, respectively.  Past recipients have accepted scholarships to schools from Baylor to Boston University. 25% of our Merrick Scholars have studied at Notre Dame, just like Tom Merrick.  Nearly 50% have already received a Masters Degree and at least 4 have already completed their PhD.

Merrick Scholars are impacting their communities as doctors, lawyers, architects and engineers, as well as professionals in business, finance, and education. 

*Those interested in honoring Dr. Judy Merrick, can support and continue the tradition of Merrick Scholars, HERE.