Tuition Assistance Program

Redirect Your State Taxes


Catholic schools receive little to no state funding, however, with the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program, you can direct your state income taxes to Seton LaSalle, a school that shares your personal values and provides education-conscience people like you a way to directly help students in need.
Fast facts
Make your contribution to the EITC program and receive a 90% tax refund from the state when you file your taxes the following year.

CLOCKContact DJ Zalewski, Director of Business and Institutional Advancement, at [email protected] or (412) 561-3583 ext. 515 if you have questions or to request the simple one-page application. In addition, please let us know if your tax adviser would like to speak with a CPA involved in the program for more information.


Who can participate in the EITC/SPE scholarship fund?
Any household with a state tax liability (joint or individual) of $3,500 or more (including investment income) is eligible to participate.

Can I choose the tax credit amount to contribute to the EITC/SPE scholarship fund?
Yes.  You can choose your donation amount up to your full tax liability, as long as the minimum threshold of $3,500 is met.

What if I've already paid my taxes throughout the year?
You will receive a 90% tax refund from the state next summer after filing your PA taxes since you paid twice (once to the state and once to the Central PA Scholarship Fund).

If I usually make quarterly tax payments can I just re-direct them to the program, or do I still need to send payments to the state as well?
You can contribute directly to the Central PA Scholarship Fund in lieu of sending estimated payments to the state. The PA tax credit will date January 1st on your K-1.

Can I send quarterly payments or do I need to make one payment for the entire year?
The program only accepts payments once a year, so donors only get one K-1.  You can participate in the spring program to get your donation out of the way for the year or participate in the fall program and pay at the end of the year.  The program is very popular so new donors need to reserve credits early in the year to make sure they can gain access to the credits.

When is the deadline to submit the form?
Tax credits are awarded on a “first come, first serve” basis and there is a cap set by the state. If you are interested, please don’t delay as credits do run out.

When do I mail my donation check?
Upon receipt of your Joinder Agreement, a letter with payment instructions will be sent.

Will participation in this program remain confidential?
Yes.  Details of donations are always kept confidential and amounts are never shared.

Can my tax advisor contact you with questions?
Absolutely!  We are happy to talk through this with your tax advisor.

When will I receive the documents to file with my income taxes?
Your Federal and State K-1 forms will arrive in February. The Federal K-1 will list your investment and Federal charitable contribution, which you deduct on Schedule A if you itemize. Your PA K-1 will list your 90% PA tax credit, which will go on Payment line 23 OC for Other Credit on your PA-40.


Pettigrews“When we heard about the opportunity to redirect our PA State taxes to the Seton LaSalle tuition scholarship fund our interest was piqued. When we learned that the process was so simple yet would result in our contribution being magnified by 10 times, we knew immediately that it was something we wanted to do.  The fact that we can now help so many more students enjoy a top-notch educational experience at Seton LaSalle is exciting!  We encourage anyone who values their student's experience here, who has benefited from a SLS education themselves, or anyone who simply wants to help students in need, to continue this truly outstanding opportunity to give others access to that same treasure!”








Timothy"The opportunities I had at Seton LaSalle pushed me to reach higher than I ever imagined. The size and structure of the class provided extra attention and more discipline in my life. Seton LaSalle gave me access to many resources and was a community that had my best interests at heart.
Seton LaSalle would not have been an option for me without the tuition assistance provided by many generous donors. In my mind applying to an Ivy League school just wasn't a possibility - thanks to encouragement from Seton LaSalle, I'm so glad that I did."
Timothy Green, SLS '20
Cornell University, Bachelor of Fine Arts,
Received a full scholarship of $280,000




Marielle"Seton LaSalle provided me with a family-like, welcoming environment with great faculty who mentored me. It allowed me not only to be challenged academically as a student but also to grow spiritually as a person. At Seton LaSalle, the smaller class size and intimate environment allowed me to know everyone, grow together, be inspired, and be myself. I made lifelong friends that I'll never forget. None of that would have been possible without the tuition assistance provided by the school through generous individuals I will never know. I am forever grateful."
Marielle Peji, SLS '16 Salutatorian
Carlow University, Cum Laude, '20,
Honors College Program Scholar, BS Nursing