Academic Success Services


Students come to the Academic Success Center during a study period or for part of their lunch period. Tutors are usually other students who excel in their studies and are eager to extend a helping hand to others. Seton LaSalle also brings in college students and experienced adult tutors to assist our students with their course material and study skills. We proudly partner with the Allegheny Intermediate Unit to provide students in need with a dedicated reading support specialist.

Located on the first floor, Seton LaSalle's Academic Success Center is designed to help students looking for tutors, study tips and advice or a quiet study space. Tutoring is available for students of all grades, in all class levels, ranging from General to Advanced Placement (AP).

In addition to serving as a tutoring hub, our Academic Success Center is a distraction-free space for students who may need special accommodations when it comes time to take tests. With the help of our Guidance department, Seton LaSalle's teachers and Academic Support staff honors the outcomes of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) by accommodating the personalized learning needs of students. Whether it is additional time, assistance, or just a quieter space, our Academic Success Center specialists are here to ensure each students' needs are not only met, but exceeded.

The Benilde Program provides daily academic support for highly-motivated adolescent students with mild learning differences. The program was developed and named after innovative Lasallian educator St. Benilde Pierre Romancon and started in Washington, D.C. at St. John's College High School. It has since become a nationally-recognized program. 
Seton LaSalle's Benilde Program accepts students who are able to cognitively adhere to our college preparatory curriculum, but may have educational needs that can make it difficult for them to achieve their full potential without assistance. The philosophy of the program is that students will attend all the same classes, participate in the same clubs and extra-curricular activities and meet the same requirements as their peers. To help them succeed, our Benilde Program Director, Mrs. Susan Hirst, will promote academic and self-advocacy skills, which will increase the probability of success at SLS and beyond.
Program Benefits: 
  • advanced study skills
  • test-taking tips
  • self-advocacy
  • metacognition (learning about learning)
  • self-awareness
  • Success Beyond SLS planning
  • may take classes out of sequence
  • daily Benilde coaching from our Benilde director
  • monthly progress reports