Community Service


With Seton LaSalle contributing over 10,000 hours of community service every year, Campus Ministry helps to connect students with local organizations and participates in a number of projects. Students can look to Campus Ministry for opportunities for leadership and greater formation, as well as participate in a number of optional activities such as bible studies, small groups, and weekend retreats. Campus Ministry looks for ways to collaborate with teachers and sponsors field trips, pilgrimages, and speaker series to offer students helpful insight and practicals for living out their faith. 
All students at Seton LaSalle give back to the community through service hours in student-initiated projects. Through these experiences, students see beyond themselves and invest in others with a sense of service that comes from within.
Our students live out our motto, "in Faith and Charity," every day. Whether they're participating in parish festivals, attending mission trips, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or spending some time helping their neighbors in need, our students are dedicated to making their communities a better place. 
Are you affiliated with an organization or parish and are looking for volunteers for an upcoming event? 
Seton LaSalle students contribute over 10,000 service hours to the community annually, and they're always seeking new opportunities! Click HERE to submit a request for us to serve your organization. 
Our Campus Ministry team will review your request. If our students are available to volunteer, we'll be in touch!