Community Service

Service Hrs


Saint John Baptist De LaSalle said, “God of love, set me aflame with love for you and for my neighbor.” It is this love of God and neighbor that drives the service component of our school’s mission. All students at Seton LaSalle give back to the community through service hours in student-initiated projects. Through these experiences, students put the corporal works of mercy into action and physically become Christ for the lonely, sick, impoverished, and marginalized.
Campus Ministry helps to connect students with local organizations and encourages students to initiate their own independent service projects as well. Additionally, students can look to Campus Ministry for opportunities for leadership and greater formation, as well as participate in a number of optional activities such as bible studies, retreats, and extracurricular groups. 
Our rationale for service takes heart in our school’s motto "in fide et caritate” or “in faith and charity.” For an act to be considered service, it must meet the following criteria: 
  • A deeply held personal commitment to those they serve
  • Voluntary participation
  • A sense of the act of service being good & just (CCC 1733)
  • A promotion of the common good derived from Catholic Social Teaching
Research indicates that students who meet this criteria often go on to continue to serve their communities when they enter college. To ensure that all students understand and meet this criteria, we ask that they reflect on their service work using guided questions (link at the top of this page) on a quarterly basis. 
Are you affiliated with an organization or parish and are looking for volunteers for an upcoming event? 
Seton LaSalle students contribute over 10,000 service hours to the community annually, and they're always seeking new opportunities! Click HERE to submit a request for us to serve your organization. We will review your request and contact you as soon as possible.