Holly Herbertson

Holly Herbertson joined Seton LaSalle in 2019. She is a graduate of California University with a degree in Secondary Education and a concentration in English. Her brick-and-mortar experience was within South Park School District. More recently, she was working as a virtual teacher and department chair for Edison Learning. Holly is certified in six states and has worked with students in grades 6-12 through both asynchronous and synchronous learning sessions. While working virtually, Holly was able to have an active hand in the production and revision of content, curriculum, and standards alignment. As a department chair, she helped to mentor new teachers and integrate different technologies among the staff. Through her experiences, she has been able to utilize and create her technology toolbelt for an innovative, blended learning environment. This experience proved to be impactful when COVID-19 swept through the country, as Holly led many of our faculty members in webinars on virtual teaching, an experience that was new for many of our teachers! 
In the spring of 2019, Holly received the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Catholic Church through St. Valentine Parish. Though she says her completion was unconventional, she believes it was deeply meaningful to be confirmed as an adult because she was able to learn a great deal, and it furthered her knowledge and her love for Catholocism.