Liturgy & Prayer

Seton LaSalle students are formed in the spiritual life so that they can have a deep and intimate personal relationship with God, which is nourished through the Word of God and the sacraments of the Church. We celebrate Mass at least once per month and observe all Holy Days of Obligation, as well as the feast days of our patron saints, St. John Baptist de La Salle and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. We also offer Mass on the "First Friday" of every month.

Although we know that Jesus Christ definitively defeated evil by his death and Resurrection, we live in a world that suffers from sin. All of us, especially young people, cry out to God for peace and for evil to be brought to an end. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI once preached, "Where does the Mystery of the death and Resurrection of Christ that brings salvation become real for us, for me, today? The answer is: in Christ's action through the Church, in the liturgy, and, especially, in the sacrament of the Eucharist."

We want to help our students encounter the saving love of God that they desire, and his saving love becomes most present to us in the Mass. 

During Advent and Lent, we offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation as part of religion classes, though students are welcome to receive the Sacrament anytime with our school Co-Chaplains.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is available on the "First Friday" of the month, as well as when we have the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Advent and Lent.

Mrs. Bridgette Kennedy-Riske put together the resources below to help guide your faith at home. 


MRS. KR'S REFLECTIONHow to connect to God during difficult times
LOVE NEVER ENDSMrs. KR's reflection on how every loving action lasts forever
THE CHOSEN ONEA complete multi-season TV show about the life of Jesus. Watch HERE


Live Adoration


From 9 am-6 pm daily


 for Catholic Youth


Life Teen strengthens teens' Catholic identity while rooting them firmly in Christ and in His Church.    


Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA 

Mass livestreams and prayers.




Hallow is the Catholic prayer and meditation app that has been helping us deepen our relationship with God through audio-guided prayer sessions.