Frassati-Molla Scholars Program

The Frassati-Molla Scholars Program allows high achieving students to pursue academic excellence and prepares them for academic success in college. The Scholars Program seeks to advance critical thinking skills of those students who are already achieving at a high level through cross-curricular integration of content through the lens of a Catholic cultural perspective.

The program has a classroom component, service learning component, events/speakers requirement, and may expand to include a summer seminar and travel option at some point.


The Frassati-Molla Scholars Program takes its inspiration from two holy 20th Century Italians: Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati and St. Gianna Beretta Molla, who combined learning and a love for the poor and vulnerable with attractive, compelling lives rooted in a love of Jesus Christ.

  • Must be a sophomore
  • Must be invited to apply
    • 4.0 weighted GPA required for invitation
  • 2 teacher recommendations
  • Demonstrated commitment to learning
  • No honor code violations; no more than two (2) disciplinary points; no attendance/tardiness issue
  • GPA/Honors
    • 4.5 sophomore year; 4.75 junior year; 5.00 senior year
  • Service-Learning: 20 volunteer hours with an educational component including research and a presentation
  • Events/Speaker Series attendance: 2 per year
  • Class Requirements
    • A minimum of 4 honors courses sophomore year
    • A minimum of 3 AP/2 honors courses junior and senior years