Ways to Support SLS

Seton LaSalle Catholic High School must rely on private support from our alumni, parents and friends –– people like you –– who believe in our school's mission to provide a world-class, faith-centered education. Each gift directly impacts the lives of our students as they enter the doors of Seton LaSalle and discover a whole world of learning and living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


To make a gift online, click HERE.

We are pleased to announce an opportunity to redirect your personal Pennsylvania state tax dollars to scholarships for students at Seton LaSalle Catholic High School! Now, individuals who pay $3,500 or more in state taxes annually can realize the same benefit through the Special Purpose Entity (SPE) program. Every year we have families who struggle to pay their tuition. Your contribution will help provide a Catholic education to a very deserving student. The process is very simple and more information can be found HERE.

For more information about either program, please contact DJ Zalewski, Director of Business & Institutional Advancement, at [email protected] or (412) 561-3583 ext. 515.

Many employers sponsor Matching Gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. In some cases, you can even double or triple the amount of your gift!

When making your gift, check with your benefits manager or Human Resources office and request a matching gift form. Send the form along with your donation to SLS, and we will complete our section and do any follow-up with your company. It’s that easy!

A new provision allows retirees age 70½ and older to donate up to $100,000 tax-free from their IRA each year. Generally, when you take a distribution from your IRA, it is treated as taxable income. Under this provision, made permanent in the 2015 federal spending and tax package, those assets are excluded from income if the distribution is made directly to a charity. 

For more information, click HERE


Planned Giving provides many different opportunities for donors to support Seton LaSalle Catholic High School while also receiving tax and other financial benefits. All of these gifts help to ensure a secure future for our school.Bequests are a simple way to support SLS and to help provide for its future. Bequests to SLS may be unrestricted or designated for a particular purpose.

Another easy way to support SLS is with a Retirement Plan Gift. Retirement plan assets may be taxed at extremely high rates, upwards of 50%. Therefore, it makes more sense to pass assets along to heirs that are taxed at lower rates and donate retirement plan assets to SLS. Simply name SLS as the beneficiary of your 401k, 403 (b) or IRA.
Life Insurance gifts are a good way to make a gift to SLS. You can donate either a paid-up policy or a policy where you are still making the premium payments. In both cases, you may qualify for a charitable deduction.

A gift of real estate is a unique way to support our school while achieving a possible avoidance of capital gains tax and receiving a charitable income tax deduction. Also, the value of real estate is taken out of your taxable estate. Real estate can be given to SLS through different means including bequeathing the property, giving the property outright, transferring the property into a charitable remainder trust, or establishing a retained life estate. A retained life estate is established when you give your residence or vacation property to SLS but reserve the use of the property for your life and/or the life of another beneficiary.

Memorial gift: Please keep SLS in mind when you want to establish a memorial gift.

Any investment in Seton LaSalle Catholic High School becomes a long-term investment. Gifts directly benefit our young people while they are here and help form the spiritual foundation of our Catholic faith that will follow them throughout life.

To learn more about any of the above ways to donate, please contact DJ Zalewski, Director of Business & Institutional Advancement, at [email protected] or (412) 561-3583 ext. 515.
Seton LaSalle Catholic High School welcomes gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds, and mutual funds as a great way to support the school. Not only would your contribution entitle you to an income tax charitable deduction, you may also avoid capital gains taxes.