Academic Games


The Seton LaSalle Academic Games program generally includes about 30 students and each year, nearly half of those students qualify for the National Tournament.

Academic Games participants compete in one or more of six different events. Players first learn to play at their school, and compete against students from other schools in their area. Students may then qualify to compete at Regional events and the National Tournament.


  • EQUATIONS: Regular mathematics, ranging from the six basic operations at the early levels to very sophisticated math at the high school level
  • ON-SETS: The mathematics of Set Theory
  • LINGUISHTIK: Applied grammar, vocabulary and writing skills
  • PRESIDENTS: Knowledge of the cultural and political events of the U.S. Presidents
  • PROPAGANDA: Recognition of various techniques of persuasion taken from real-life advertisements and political approaches and normal human interactions
  • WORLD EVENTS: Current events of the most recent year, plus a theme for the year, such as "The 1980s," "Space Exploration," or "Women in World History"
Academic Games Leagues of America was created to develop "thinking kids" who receive recognition and awards in the same way sports champions are honored. To find out more, visit the league site HERE.